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Awesome, everything was smooth. Definitely use this company. A year later and still going strong! I check the oil, battery and the unit over every month. I also signed up for their yearly service to match the warranty of the unit. I also clean the generator cabinet 6 months after APT does on their maintenance contract. I found the air filter cracked after month 7 so keep at least one kit available at home. Can be purchased on Amazon for $75 or so. Gives you one complete oil change, oil filter, 2 spark plugs and air filter. Purchase this at least a month before hurricane season starts. I had to purchase oncue plus as mine did not come with the unit like the new ones do now. I also purchased a TPlink outdoor wireless AP to hook the generator to the internet for $40 on Amazon. Using this, I am able to select to do quarterly loaded exercise to really put it through its paces without having to shut the power down to the house (don't like resetting clocks every time). Oncue gives you the ability to monitor generator from anywhere, I would recommend to get this and set it up. I would definitely use Accurate Power and Technology again and Kolher generators. They game me a comprehensive 5 year warranty parts/labor.


Jeff Hanson


Wanted to take a few minutes to send kudos to Christian Harthman for service he provided recently regarding my Fathers generator. Christian was courteous and professional from the first phone call. He was patient and listened to my concerns with the generator and the process to have it fixed. He took the time to walk me though the process and steps to ensure we didn't wind up in the same situation. Christian took the additional steps to ensure my Father understood what the issue with the generator was and ways to prevent in the future.

Christian is a direct reflection on your Accurate Power and Technology brand. His technical competence was readily apparent and his professionalism is unsurpassed. Especially in todays environment when the customer doesn't always come first. Christian went above and beyond helping us out and should be lauded for his efforts. His efforts will ensure that we continue to use Accurate Power and Technology for our generator needs. Please ensure you tell Christian we said thanks for a great job.


Brian Anderson
Construction Manager
PM/CM Business Line – DC Metro+
M +1-202-367-8618

Good Afternoon -

My Wife, Julie and I had the distinct pleasure today of having two of your Electrical Technicians come to our home and install our Generac Natural Gas Whole House Backup Generator which we purchased through Lowe's.

Your Team consisted of Jordan Wright, Electrical Technician, and his Assistant Cody (I didn't get Cody's last name nor his email address).

Both were solid workers and didn't waste any time in getting the job done. They were Professional and Friendly and were excellent Representatives of your Company.

It was our pleasure to have them here today and we were very pleased with the quality of their work, their explanations of how the System will perform, how to troubleshoot and maintain it, and they answered all of our questions.

Should we have occasion to use the Services of your Company in the future, we would be grateful if you could send these two gentlemen back to us.

Julie and Jeff

Hi Dan,

I hope your Easter holiday was good.

Here is the review I posted on Google reviews.  

“Had the best experience with Accurate Power and Technology! Dan was my sales agent and he answers all questions I had very quickly even after the contract was signed. He was also very informative about the company and the options I could go with for home stand-by power. Shae was great to work with as the project manager. He kept me informed as to what was happening with the project and took care of any issues that came up. Jordan was our head Electrician that did the transfer switch install, generator hook up and moved the circuits to be protected from the main panel into the sub-panel.  He was very nice and knowledgeable. When Orange County came out to inspect the electrical work the inspector said "This is the best work I have ever seen!" He and I both agreed that this was a very clean install. I also purchased a cut-out adapter to have a hot water heater not be powered by the generator when on generator power. We had issues with the first two units. Accurate Power and Technology kept at it and used a manufacture with a better track record and installed that unit (It was not Generac). 

They also work with the propane company so you don't have to schedule that work outside of their work. Makes it way more easy for the project overall. They will give you options of tank size and if you want it underground or not. 

Overall I was very impressed with the sales, install and service we have gotten. I would suggest everyone go to Accurate Power and Technology for any generator install or service needs.



RE: Generator SUCCESS

I wanted to let you know that we had a power failure a few weeks ago, and our new generator performed perfectly. The power went off and the generator turned on, and we had power, in a matter of seconds. The outage lasted about an hour, and the return to line power was seamless. We were the only house on the block with power and the envy of all. Thanks for a job well done. Sorry it took so long to get this message to you.

Gerry Patterson

Hi Sonny & Jack,

I wanted to let you know that Bobby came out and serviced the Generac today. He called in advance. You can now add Bobby to the list along with Chris, Jordan and Brenda that I have dealt with as the nicest and most friendly individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I talked with Bobby at length about the operation of the generator and he answered every question I had. He is very personable and I enjoyed talking with him. I will have to say that all of these folks and yourselves included have been fantastic. As you know in the beginning I was not all that pleased with Lowe's but the best thing that came out of this was getting you guys for the installation and maintenance. Chris did a superb job and Jordan with the follow up. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with you guys with the maintenance of my trusty Generac.

Thanks again
Charles Smith


Hi Sonny and Jack,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work Chris and his assistant Scott performed installing my generator. Chris worked his butt off getting this generator installed. It became a difficult task but he plowed right through it even after the inspector turned it down because of a 2 inch vs 2 1/2 inch mast pipe and the brackets to secure the pipe to the house. Seems like there was some nitpicking there. Then we had to wait until 10:30 for the JEA to reconnect the power. It was crazy but Chris and Scott patiently waited for them. Chris performed a very neat and professional job. In my opinion you have a superb employee there and Scott has a great teacher. Very very pleased with your company. Also I want to give a shout out to Barbara in permits. She was phenomenal to work with and I am very appreciative of all she did to expedite that permit that took forever to obtain. I will be giving your company A+ reviews on all of the review sites. I also took out a maintenance plan on the generator to keep it functional.

Thanks again Charles Smith

Hi Sonny,

Well hope you and your family made it through Irma well. Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that our generator ran for 30 hours straight and ran perfectly!! Sure was reassuring to have it AND to have it work like it was supposed to!!

Wayne Richardson
3804 Arbordale Ct
Leesburg, Fl

Hello Sonny,

I need to tell you about our experience with the Kohler generator which you installed last April.

Because of Irma, we lost power Monday morning about 2:30am, and the generator kicked in as expected and ran for the next 40 hours until the service was restored. At that time the unit kicked off and sent me a nice little email stating the same.

During the outage we had many neighbors, with children, coming and going from our home because we had power. Storm updates on the weather channel, neighborhood meals were prepped at our house and the kids were busy using the internet as they enjoy doing.

It gave us peace of mind knowing we had access to all the comforts and security that power provides us, that we take for granted on a daily basis.

What seemed like a lot of money at the time, turned into one of the best investments we have ever made.

I appreciate your team starting from the sale to the installation that made it possible.

I hope you and your team made it through the storm safe as well.

Take care.

We just wanted to share with you the great experience we had with our generator repair. Austin was friendly, knowledgeable and on time! He communicated his findings and provided an accurate repair timeline. We can't express enough how convenient it was to have your repair services come to us! The mobile service provided was excellent, and we'll be sure to share our experience with our boating friends!

Best Regards,
Billy & Lora Lock
280 Sundancer
Kohler 5ECD

AMAZING SERVICE is not an expression you hear often these days. However in the case of Accurate Power & Technology and their team the words fit like a glove.

We lost our Kohler generator to Hurricane Matthew in October of 2016, and contacted the company who'd initially installed it to hook up the replacement unit. They'd had a change of ownership and regrettably they thoroughly botched the job.

We contacted Kohler's national service department and their regional rep said there was only one company she felt worthy of unequivocal recommendation. Accurate Power & Technology.

They made the drive to St Augustine on 3 separate occasions to straighten out all of the things done wrong by the first outfit. I could not have been more pleased with the effort put forth by everyone in the company from the phone receptionist to the service technicians to the owner of the company, Mr Sonny Dukes. They even text you ahead of the appointment time with a photo of the technician and the anticipated arrival time at your home.

These folks are the personification of "Professionals" and I would highly recommend them to anyone with a generator or contemplating the purchase of one!!

Peter Starr

I just want to take a moment to tell you what a pleasant experience it was to have our generator serviced today. Zach, your serviceman, was prompt, courteous and efficient. There are times it is difficult to find good service and we were happy from scheduling to completion. Thanks for a job well done.

Nancy Androvich
Leesburg, FL.

We thank God for Sonny Dukes. He is a lifesaver, Generac system saver, and a house saver. Go only with  “A Generator Guy”. Here is why.

Last spring we contacted Generac, Inc. for a dealer to give us a quote and install a system. The company recommended two dealers: Ormond Beach and Sonny in Mt Dora.

Sonny submitted a bid based on my customization requirements.

His competitor said customization was not required go with a “whole house” system. The cost was less. Thus, a contract was signed. Delivery was promised in a month.

Delivery was the end of May after several phone calls. The concrete slab did not fit in the gravel bed due to incorrect measurements so it was placed on the lawn. Mature shrubs had been permanently removed leaving a scar in landscape.

The technicians initiated house hook up. I asked for the permits. I was directed to the Ormond Beach Hq. No returned call.

I cancelled further hookup, ceased operations. Told technicians not to return without permits.

Weekly calls to Ormond Beach Office were never returned.

In Nov, a visit to the Development Services Board revealed no permits were requested or issued. Contract with Ormond Beach cancelled Nov 15th.

Sonny was called. His examination indicated purchase of an oversized generator with an incorrect by-pass panel. Fortunately installation was not completed. The incorrect amperage was installed for our house. If installed, our house would have been damaged.

Sonny ordered the correct panel, secured the required three permits, and the job completed by mid January.

Sonny was patient and his staff was courteous and efficient. Clearly, they knew what and precisely how to do it.

On minor correction was required in the remote cellular monitoring unit. His staff fixed the next day.

Interestingly, there was no acknowledgement of the above communication with the Generac Hq. Two missives were sent.

Moral: do not expect Generac to give feedback on poor dealer performance such as the Ormond Beach recommendation. I suspect that may not give superior dealer performance as in Mt Dora.

Go with someone who has a proven track record such as Sonny Dukes.

Jonathan Buth
517 Inner Circle

The Villages, FL  32162

Sonny serviced my backup home generator after it failed to run a test cycle. He found the battery had exploded in the housing due to a battery charger failure. He installed a new, better charger and a new battery and serviced the engine with an oil and filter change and general cleanup. The subsequent test was successful.

This was the first time I called Sonny. I am not easily impressed but both Sonny and his son are first-rate technicians and first-rate people. (He is a retired network engineer from a well known technology company). They were able to streamline their schedule to fit me in the same day I called! Service with a smile describes them to a "T".

I asked Sonny to put me on his regular annual service schedule at a very reasonable price which accounts for over half of the bill - otherwise the service call would have been less. He and his son are welcome at our home any time.

When I got his invoice by email, the first line of his email message was a thank-you from himself and his family for our business. That is rare these days and furthers my whole-hearted endorsement and recommendation.

Mt. Dora, FL


Sonny [President] responded promptly and found the problem quickly. Was very knowledgeable and gave me suggestions on how to improve our installation. Only charged a minimum trip fee and applied the trip fee towards a reasonable 2 year maintenance contract.

I wish I had bought the generator from Sonny rather than 5 star competitor. He wanted to charge us $1200 minimum just to come out and do the same thing.

Umatilla, FL

Hi Sonny, 

Thank you so much for the warranty information as well as the fine service you have provided thus far.  There are not many companies that provide the level of service which you provide. Service is not a word that is known or practiced in many circles these days, but you and your company exemplify it. 

Brandon was extremely courteous and professional with a "Sir" all the time. He was informative but also honest about his capabilities in this field. He is a credit to you and a fine reflection on your company. A company and its employees are only as good as the owner or manager in charge. As such, your company clearly reflects your high values and attitude.  

I look forward to a long and wonderful relationship with you and your company. 




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