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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have we been in business?
Accurate Power has been around since 2005. We started as All State Home Innovations, and evolved into Accurate Power in 2015.

What do we do?
Accurate is Power Pro Elite for Generac, and also the Platinum Kohler Dealer for the State of Florida. We also have the ability to lease generators for residential, commercial, and industrial use through Accurate Leasing.

If we decide to use Accurate Power for our generator needs, how long will it take to get our project completed?
New Installations usually take about 6 to 8 weeks or less. Certain times of the year may stipulate some differences.

How much does it cost?
2500 SQR/FT - 1A/C - 200Amp Service.... If you need propane the average tank is 250UG and total should be around 10,500.00 average with either product. We can move up or down depending on the installation area and the circuits that you wish to have backed up.

120 Gallon Tank typically last about 2 to 3 days (air cooled)

250 Gallon Tank typically last about 5 to 7 days (air cooled)

What are the setbacks for the generator?
Normal rules are 10FT from the property line, 18" from the home, and 5 feet from Windows. Now, if you are in Orange county the setbacks are 30 feet on the side of the home or it has to go in the rear.

What are the differences in the maintenance between Generac and Kohler?
The service that we recommend is a 6-month service program. That is a major and then a minor at the 6-month interval. If requested, we can develop a service plan to suite anyone. The air cooled Generac requires a valve adjustment during the first service. The battery should be replaced every three years at the most. We recommend every two years.

How long will it last?
Typically, we find that they are lasting 10-15 years depending on where you live. If you live near the coast, we recommend that we complete a “Coastal package” on the generator to prolong the life.

Are they automatic?
Yes, all of the generators we sell are AUTOMATIC unless they are portable.

Lessons Learned from Storms

1. During an extended outage, we recommend that you make sure periodically (every 12 hours) that you stop the generator and allow to cool so that you can check the oil and give a complete visual to be sure there are no hidden surprises. To complete this following these instructions.
  A. Open or turn off the breaker that resides inside the generator. This disconnect the power from the home, so you don’t have a gradual decrease in voltage that may damage appliances.
  B. After the breaker is turned off you can turn the generator to the off position.
  C. After it cools down for a bit, you can check the oil and coolant so that it will continue to perform.
  D. Place the generator in automatic mode and let it ramp up to speed.
  E. Once its up to speed close or turn the breaker on to feed power back to the home.
2. The yellow light on the Generac Generator is just a timer and doesn’t affect the workability of the generator. If you are under contract with us, your generator is serviced regularly. Red lights are alarms and warranty service attention. The yellow light can be extinguished by doing the following:
  A. Lift the generator lid.
  B. Push the enter button on the generator until the screen says ready to run.
  C. Close the lid.
  D. Task has been completed.
3. If your generator starts during a power outage but doesn’t transfer, there are two possible causes for this.
  A. The generator breaker is turned off or tripped.
  B. There is something wrong with the transfer switch and may need to be manually switched. (This should be done by APT Technician)


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