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Emergency Response Policy

We pledge to provide the shortest response time possible before, during, and after a storm or other emergency. We also pledge to protect and preserve our employees and their families during such emergencies. In accordance with this principle, employees will not be permitted to work in unsafe conditions where sustained winds speeds are equal to or greater than 30 mph. Additionally, employees will not be permitted to work where they are in danger from lightning strikes and other severe weather threats.

In the event of a Tropical Storm (or greater) Warning, Accurate Power will adhere to the following:

Installation Department
• new project starts until warning lifted
• Secure existing project sites:

o backfill all trenches and holes
o Secure equipment with proper bolt down hardware
o Fill all empty propane tanks
o Remove all job-related debris

• Start up all completed generators (For customers in gated communities, we will require unlimited site access. Failure to provide unlimited access may result in inability to perform start up.)

Service Department

Customers will be serviced in accordance with the following priority sequence:

1. Critical Facilities & Platinum Customers
- Critical & Life Safety Facilities
- Platinum pre-storm inspections (Omni Metrix enabled systems performed remotely)
2. All pending Level III* repairs where parts are in stock
3. Scheduled maintenance visits for Silver, Gold and Platinum contract holders
4. Additional service call requests from Silver, Gold and Platinum contract holders
5. Service call requests from non-contract holders

*Level III repairs are defined as any issue that causes a system to be inoperable.


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