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Since everyone’s needs are different & to better serve you and your specific needs, (especially during and after storm events) we need to categorize the needs of each inquiry. (i.e., budget number, immediate need)

If you are looking for a budget number, please respond to the following questions and someone from our team will NeedsAssessment you to discuss your options.

1.  How many square feet is your home or business?
2.  How many A/C units do you have? What size are they in ton?
3.  Do you have Natural Gas or will you need Propane or Diesel?
4.  Will the location of the generator, power meter, and fuel source be able to reside on the same side of the home?.
5.  Would you like total home or partial home coverage?
6.  Would you like to Finance the project? (includes entire project, not just equipment for as little as $110/mo.)
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